Writing is hard only if you don’t write

I have been writing on my blog regularly for a while now. Sometimes I find it quite hard to write something interesting and really need to force myself into writing. Writing involves creativity as well as the skill of doing; I am not very much comfortable with both of these in my daily routine. 🙂

But here is the interesting bit. Once I have written a blog post and posted it I feel energized and creative. Perhaps the just experienced sense of achievement helps me or perhaps, with the effort done in the desired direction, my brain gets circuited correctly for creativity.

Once I was able to write three more blog posts right after finishing the most difficult-to-begin one. This is one of those.

Today is the day to force yourself to do whatever you are planning to do for ages.


One thought on “Writing is hard only if you don’t write

  1. Very true and to be honest, it gets very difficult for me sometimes to get start for a good blog post. So I rather get back to reading other’s material.

    And it is always wonderful when you see your creativity out.;)

    But now, something has started in my mind and I’ll try to write regularly.

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