Clash culture: Why all talk shows are waste of your time (and theirs too)

Our traditional method of discussion is what Edward de Bono calls as “clash culture”. Some of the attributes of this “culture” are as follows:

  1. You protect your position and attack other’s position as vigorously as possible. The more you attack the better your chances of “winning”.
  2. You are not willing to admit your mistakes. (because you will lose points.)
  3. You are not willing to admit any good done by the other party. (because this would give some edge to the other party.)

You can observe this clash culture in action during any political discussion. (and most of other discussions too.)

Needless to say this way of discussing things is a huge waste of our intellect and time.

The correct way is to explore a given subject or issue during a discussion and coming up with various suggestions and solutions. There is a frame work for this. It is called six thinking hats.

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