A new type of money

There are probably two types of money you can aim for:

  1. Make a lot of money. Buy the best possible things money can afford; BMWs, designer dresses, palatial houses, 5 star hotels, expensive jewelery etc. Keep yourself busy making more and more money. Scrafice your health and life to make as much money as possible. After all the best things in life are expensive. 😉
  2. Make a lot of money and take control of your life in your hands. Live simply and do what you love to do. Create your art.

Dilbert calls this 2nd type “F**k You” money. With this money you can say “FU” to anyone who wants to stop you.


6 thoughts on “A new type of money

  1. Ok nice quote by Dilbert Bhai:)

    I agree that we can take control of our life in our hands or control our wishes. And we’re not supposed to get in to fear of criticism , What-other-will-say thing.

    I think everyone has his/her own definition of living-simply. The person earn alot still use desktop, where he/she can can buy a laptop and make his work more easy.

    A person who can buy Hugo Boss can simply go to local tailer around the corner and get his suit ready.

    We can go to office on foot or by bike or by car.

    For me, simplicity is the thing in which you can live your life to the fullest and comfortably (And Thank Allah that he/she has Allah’s blessing ‘Naimat’)

    The best things in life are expensive. Yes, that’s why we make brands and tell people why they should buy it and not the others. Brands played the major part to make Amercia’s world go around . Because best things/brands deserves to charge us high.

    As per Interbrand, America owns 52 brands out of 100 world’s top valuable brands. No wonder marketing was born in America.

    Here’s the link

  2. Makes sense. Thanks for the brevity.
    Kamil, I totally disagree with your claim that “the best things in life are expensive”. Au contraire, my friend. The best things in life are free. We’re just so caught up in our brand obsessed hooplah that we don’t notice them no more.

  3. Hi Kamal, like Umair, I too disagree with you about “the best things in life are expensive”. But thats a long discussion. I shall come someday to see you and we shall discuss this late till 4:00 am and then leave for our homes. 🙂

  4. Thnaks for your reply Umair and Amraghan,

    Well, I was talking about pretegious branding point of view.

    As I talked about Hugo Boss.
    If you go to buy Samad Bond or Raseely Supari it won’t be expensive, still the best in the category, I think.

    Of course Armaghan, I’ll put a pot of coffee for the meeting:)

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