Knowledge is about knowing things. It is not about doing things.

Dale Carnegie tells you how can you become a good public speaker.

You learn PHP syntax by reading “PHP for Dummies”.

You read how you can become a good writer/blogger by reading good “writing” advice.

All those history books, all those case studies, all those sales trainings, all those motivational speeches are there to increase your knowledge. Internet keeps you updated with whatever is happening at this moment.

Education has all the emphasis on knowing things.

There is one big problem with knowledge. You can’t have it enough at any given time. Too many things (laws, stocks, regulations, moods, inventions, wars etc.) are happening parallel to your actions at any given moment. Nature (floods, snow falling, rains, wild fires, earthquake etc.) has its own course of action which may not be known right now.

Knowing things is important but not sufficient.

Knowing things is literacy.

Doing things requires more skills. You need to identify what needs to be done out of hundreds of options. You need to set your goals. You need to prioritize things. You need to be ready with alternate course of action when things don’t work out as you have planned. You need to put yourself in other people shoes to understand what they are thinking.

Doing things is operacy.

There is much emphasis on literacy but little emphasis on operacy.

The easiest way to learn the doing part is, well, to do the damn thing.

You need to do the actual writing to become a writer.

You need to write code to become a PHP programmer.

You need to do actual sales to become a sales person.

You need to deliver a speech to become a speaker.

Start doing today.

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