Some of what we are doing today could probably be wrong. Let us stand back and think.

I remember those days, not too far in the past, when we all used cloth bags to do our shopping. Suddenly everyone was using plastic bags. Fast forward 25 years and we now know that plastic bags are bad for us. We are being motivated to use cloth bags again.

Our reckless material consumption is under serious attack. Our eating habits are being criticized more and more. This wikipedia article calls all modern diseases as diseases of affluence; diseases which are result of getting rich.

We need to think. What are the other things we are doing wrong? (No hints today. :))

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2 thoughts on “Some of what we are doing today could probably be wrong. Let us stand back and think.

  1. There are countless things we are doing wrong:

    The top most is that we are emitting carbon dioxide at the rate which can choke the planet earth with in ten years. We are not investing on bio-fuels or even on public transport to reduce the number of cars on the roads…. 1f ten people are moving from point A to B they are using 10 individual vehicles to do so which can be replaced by one big vehicle…anyways that is just one angle of looking at this…

    Then look at the education system victim of undisciplined pursuit for more money…our education institutions are nothing but machines that are producing people lurking for money…no matter how that can be made. In last 50 years look at China and India…how big are these economies and look at us…though we have brains and leading managers but where is the cumulative effect on the country’s growth and prosperity….?

    then speaking specifically on behalf of our nation…we are trying to find our strengths in the other persons arm…like our national identity, our cultural values, moral values, religion… I sometimes wonder if it was not for the religion then why India and Pakistan why not SUB CONTINENT as it was before British rule…. so just look at how conveniently we are trying to put religion behind our backs and worst of all we just handed the religion to bunch of those guys who we considered the most incapable in the worldly matters and just see how badly our religion has been dealt with.

    I can go into more details but i guess we have not yet done anything right otherwise the resulted world would have been much better place to live…and by innovating technology at the expense of Planet Earth…i dun think so was a wise move anyway…the only criteria for the approval of any technological innovation should have been its compatibility with the environment.

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