I have just returned from TEDxRavi and I am simply impressed

TEDxRavi concluded just few hours ago.

The event was delayed for 2 hours. But it did not get boring. I just watched those passion filled young organizers running all over the place trying to bring things in order.

The attendees were not in large numbers as I was expecting. This was, perhaps, to do with the delayed venue announcement and change in event timings. TEDxRavi was first such event by these young organizers. It left a lot more desired to be done. (Which they promised to do in their next event, TEDx WallCity.)

Despite all these short comings, it was a wonderful and passion filled event. Speakers spoke their heart. They wanted to change the world, to make everyone like them, passionate. It took my brain off my regular and routine thinking to a place where everything seemed possible.

Sarmad Tariq (website), the chairman, did not allow us to take a breath while he was talking. If a person like him, someone disabled shoulder down, can have big dreams and achieve them; why not we? During his talk I just had this feeling; I needed to do more in my life, a lot more, to feel better, to compete with Sarmad. But I know I can’t. He rightly said that we took so many things for granted in our lives. Even a glass of water in our hands is a dream come true. Very right Sarmad. It is much harder for me now to find excuses to do something big. Thank you.

Ammara Farooq Malik (website) is another icon of extreme courage and commitment to dreams. She has achieved seemly impossible things and still doing it. She completed her law degree and two masters after getting married. But this was just the start. She went through perhaps the toughest period of her life taking care of her daughter who was suffering from a blood disorder and eventually had bone marrow transplants.

During her presentation she tried to read some excerpts from her forth coming book but became too emotional to finish. She brought tears to our eyes with her presentation.

Umair Jaliawala was another great speaker who sold us to his point; everything popular is wrong and we can do anything we want to do. We just need to believe in ourselves.

Ahsan Tariq, Sidra Liaquat, Adnan Jabbar, Humera Khan and all the volunteers; thank you very much for bringing TEDxRavi to us.


One thought on “I have just returned from TEDxRavi and I am simply impressed

  1. I really liked the event, despite all that happened 🙂 This is what TEDx is about, regular people having the courage to pull off an extraordinary event.

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