So many recipes for success. This one might work for you.

There are probably as many recipies of success as are successful people on this planet. It is no wonder that you can get confused. And now here is another one. 🙂

I created a product, an accounting software, back in 1995. It took about 6 months of work and obviously required a lot of discipline on my part.

The only thing that helped me get it done was ‘doing it daily’ even if it meant only 30 minutes of work.

On long term projects, it is extremely difficult to rise up daily with the same level of motivation and enthusism. It is extremely easy to drift to something ‘interesting’. But if you do slack, you will keep slacking, and coming back after many weeks or months won’t be of much help. You will be too demoralized to finish the work. Your project will be killed.

Whenever I felt bored and de-motivated, I just thought that I was going to work on this project only for 30 minutes. This had two benefits:

  1. It was easy to motivate myself to work for 30 minutes. Once started, I often got the motivation and momentum to keep going for few hours.
  2. Even if I stopped after 30 minutes, I felt relaxed and motivated rest of the day. I had kept a promise with me and this made me feel hopeful about the project.

Few days ago I read on a blog that we over estimate how much we can achieve in one day and under estimate how much we can achieve in long term.

A lot. More than you can wish. And this will also save you from regretful thinking in your 50s.


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