The easiest way to backup your PC or laptop without spending a dime

Dropbox is the easiest way to backup files on your PC or laptop. Visit dropbox website to download and install this software. It adds a ‘My Dropbox’ folder into your ‘My Documents’. It also creates a login, the place where your backup is kept. Now put any file in the dropbox folder and it will get updated to servers.

Dropbox gives you 2000 MB free space (or 2250 MB If you visit the website using links in this post.) If you need more backup space, you can purchase it. You can use ‘My Dropbox’ folder as a default folder for all your work and your data will keep getting backed up automatically.

An interesting use is to install dropbox software on your office as well as home computer using the same login. From now onward, whatever you do on your office computer will get copied to your home computer. (or the other way around.)

I have been using dropbox on my Windows and Linux (ubuntu) laptops for about a month and quite satisfied. For details, read the ‘getting started.pdf’ which gets copied to your dropbox folder after dropbox installation.

And don’t forget to cleanup your hard drive first.

Its time to “stop worrying and start living”. 🙂


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