Keep cleaning

Our evolutionary tendency is to keep accumulating things. We buy or create stuff, use it and often keep it forever. The best rule is to either sell such stuff, gift it to a friend or throw it away. To combat this natural tendency of accumulating stuff, we need to keep cleaning on regular basis.

Our computers and laptops are another area which constantly need cleaning of downloaded files, temporary files, copies of files, copies of copies of files; you got it. Too often I hear people complaining they can’t keep a backup because they have too much data. And they keep worrying about any impeding disaster with their PC.

Trust me. You don’t have (or should not have) more than 1000 MB of data on your PC or laptop. If you have more than this, start cleanup drive this weekend and keep doing it for few weekends (and probably often after that). This 1000 MB does not include any downloaded movies, images, software which I believe is not something “mission critical” and can be arranged if you even need again. (No I am not taking about you. I know you are a designer, photographer or a movie maker. You have a lot of stuff which needs to be kept forever.)

For our sanity, we should not have to worry about the stuff we won’t use again ever.

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