ITCN Asia 2010 is an event

A very good friend of mine is exhibiting at ITCN Asia 2010 next month. Few years ago I asked him if he could measure the outcome of his participation in exhibitions. He said no he could not. But he did believe that it was going to enhance his brand image in long term.

This friend has been longing to start an email newsletter for so many years but has yet to take the first step. Perhaps it looks so easy. Perhaps it can be done anytime he wants to so let us get done with “important” things first. His company blog stinks there in the cyberspace for many years now with the only ‘hello world’ post.

In fact I have yet to see a good newsletter or a good company blog here in our country. (Ok lets be fair. May be I am missing some. if you know one, let me know in comments).

ITCN Asia 2010 (or any other conference and exhibition) is an event. Getting an expensive website done is also an event. So are many other things.

Building a mailing list, sending fortnightly newsletters, updating a blog/website, self-learning are all processes.

Holding events is easier. Building processes is hard. Some attention to building processes may eliminate the need of costly events. Let us start building some processes after this year ITCN Asia event.

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