Low calorie diet. This time it is not food.

This recommendation is not about food. It is about your media intake from TV, cable, newspapers and Internet. We are now consuming media as recklessly as we do with our food. I know people who watch news every hour quickly cycling different news channels with remote control in their hands.

I can tell from my personal experience (when I was a media addict too) that this reckless media intake can be disastrous to our concentration.

Just ask yourself few questions:

Can you find any actionable item in your daily media intake?

What is the practical value of staying this much “informed”?

Don’t you have any other goals in your life which are waiting for your free time?

May be you need to question your idea of entertainment from media aligning it to your long term goals.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vagabondiamo/4455223388/


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  1. Osman Safdar says:

    Very true and you really nailed the lesson with this question: “What is the practical value of staying this much “informed”?”

    Thanks for sharing.

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