Where all that productivity has gone?

This decade can be termed as the decade of productivity. Mass adoption of Internet/email, office automation, websites, smart phones, 24 hours banking, moment by moment news updates; all these tools have increased our productivity many folds.

But where is the real effect of all this productivity gain? Where are all the promised benefits? Why are we more stressed than ever before? Why we are in more hurry than ever before?

One reason, probably the biggest one, is the complexity we keep adding with all the productivity gains. More CCs, more reports, more analysis, more categories, more options, more designs, more choices.

Sometimes the perceived convenience is not the actual convenience. Its a burden.

Give a thought to simplicity, today. May be we need to look back into the past and see how people did their work without all these tools. Not to go back but just to have an insight.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chanc/864407816/


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