Every one can be a blogger and can write daily

I have been writing my blog for past 4 years but doing it daily for the past few weeks. A number of people have praised this practice. Thanks. My friends think that this is something not so easy. But I think every one can be a blogger and every one can write daily. How?

You learn something daily. Don’t you? And you also have a big repertoire of experience as well. On a personal blog what you do is you just share something, anything, out of your huge repertoire. You don’t necessarily need to write large, well researched post every day.

Then why it looks so difficult to write? I think because we under estimate our learnings and experiences and think that these will not be useful for the rest of the world. This is not true. You are unique and you are capable and you can help the world.

Another thing perhaps is that you want to look perfect to the outside world who is having a look at your blog. You are not perfect and don’t try to be. Make mistakes and thanks anyone who points out yours. It will just make you more confident.


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