Learn to self-learn this summer

You went to a great school, a really great college and passed out with flying colors. Well done. You are also keeping yourself updated with all the latest tools and methodologies by going to all those workshops and conferences by gurus. Great.

But there is another possibility which you may never have tried to explore; you can learn something yourself without going somewhere. Its simpler than you think. How?

  • Buy and read a book.
  • Download a pdf or subscribe a blog.
  • Use Google to find (possibly free) on-line courses.
  • Wikipedia
  • Experiment with what you have learned. Try again and again.
  • Ask questions on Internet discussion groups/forums and mailing lists related to your subject.
  • Send email directly to gurus. They will help you provided you have done your homework.

Don’t be shy to experiment, ask or take failure as part of your learning process.

Yes, self-learning may be slow for the first time but not after that. The confidence you will gain from your self learning is going to last forever, not to mention the time and money you may save.

Should I tell you a little secret about successful people? They self learn.


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