It is 100% un-natural

We get a sense of confidence when we read “100% natural”, “natural contents only” or something similar on product labels. We feel rest assured this is not going to harm us, we are going to get the best of what nature has produced, it has not been tempered by humans, it is 100% natural etc. etc.

Yes, this line sells products. Just look at all those soaps, shampoos, cold creams, food products which contain “pure” extracts of a natural thing, probably a herb or a fruit or a vegetable.

It is debatable whether these 100% “natural products” or “pure extracts” are of any value if at all. But this is a topic for some other time. What I want to discuss is just the opposite of these claims.

What if the manufacturer writes; “100% man made”, “No natural contents”, “Synthetic chemicals only”, “No fresh juice inside”. Will this make you uncomfortable? Will you still buy that product?

It makes sense to assume that if there is no first type of statements (100% natural), the opposite is true. But the manufacturer is of course shy to tell this to you explicitly. The 100% un-natural statement can make you uncomfortable. You may not buy that product.

Next time when you visit your superstore, have a closer look at all those items which are not 100% natural; juices, drinks, food items, cosmetics and others. Will you still buy these? Especially the edible items?

(CC photo credits.)


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