Incorrectly placed priorities

I am tired of it; the wrong sort of priorities and optimizations.

  1. Friends ask me to get their website on the first page of Google search.
  2. Clients ask me to optimize the data entry screen to get the maximum possible juice out of a data entry operator.
  3. Accountants ask me to provide as many analysis reports as possible.

This blog post (the non-optimized life) by Seth Godin made me feel relaxed. Let us think this way:

  1. Friends can optimize the website/blog text by learning to write a story.
  2. Businesses can get better returns by spending more time on generating new ideas for sales and simpler business processes rather than worrying about the extra tab key needed to post a transaction.
  3. Accountants need to learn that “we can analyze the past but we have to design the future”.

I have so many friends in my facebook who are in the SEO (search engine optimization) business but not a single one who teaches how to write well. (Let me know if If you are the one) May be it is time to step into this profession too.

“That’s one reason I resist the temptation to optimize this blog for traffic and yield. I’d rather force myself to improve it by having the guts to write better posts instead.”

If Seth’s policy can result in more than 700 re-tweets of his blog posts, we badly need to re-evaluate our priorities.


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