Positive thinking is over rated

Every one asks you to think positively, to get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions. Many articles, blog posts and books have been written on the power of positive thinking.

Right? Probably wrong. Though the above advice might somewhat help those who are deeply in negative thinking, it often causes confusion to people trying to improve themselves just with positive thinking.

The other types of thinking (including negative and emotional ones) are equally important too.

… Without negative thinking you can’t be aware of any risk elements in a new venture, dangers at a new place or bad intentions of a stranger etc.

… Have you ever tried getting rid of your emotional thinking? You should not and in fact you can’t.

… Without some creating thinking you cannot move ahead in your life.

So the trick is to give equal share to each type of thinking.

Dr. Edward de Bono has divided our thinking into six types (symbolized by metaphorical hats):

  1. Positive thinking with all the logic. (Yellow hat)
  2. Negative thinking with all the logic. (Black hat)
  3. Emotions without any logic and justification. (Red hat)
  4. Actual facts which can be verified independently. (White hat)
  5. Creative thinking; new ideas, inventions. (Green hat)
  6. Control of your thinking. Forcing yourself to do due justice to every type of thinking. (Blue hat)

An emotional decision is not bad as long as you have given due time to thinking of all other types.

A good thinker has to be good at all types of thinking.

Are you a good thinker?


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