Rephrase it

I struggled last couple of weeks trying to finish an assignment for a
client. It was not just getting done and frustrating me (and my client
too). Why? partly because of bit ambiguous specs sent by client and
partly because of hurriedness on my part to deliver quickly.

Yesterday I just took few minutes, re-wrote his request in my own
words and asked him to confirm. Lo and behold; it was not what he
wanted. And what ever he wanted was something really simple, a half an
hour job.

So whenever you are in doubt, rewrite your customer’s request in your
own words and ask him to confirm. This advice is here for my own
reminder so that I don’t waste two week again for a 30 minutes job.


2 thoughts on “Rephrase it

  1. Sorry I couldn’t get it completely. What you re-wrote, was not what ur client wanted, then how your re-phrased words helped? Secondly, how did you come to know what he wanted. All i wanted to say, what is the connection between your re-phrased words and your new understanding about what ur client wanted actually. Sorry i asked this. You know it oledi that I take time to understand things 😦

  2. Dear Sarfraz, it was a request to make some changes to a piece of custom software. Not every one can write clear and concise. Even clear descriptions can be mis-understood by the receiver. Rewriting/confirming it (a) clears your own mind and (b) makes sure you are on right path. Just take example of your own comment. I thought I had written my blog post clearly but you asked for an explanation. And it happens quite often. It has nothing to do with your “old age”. 😉

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