Simple banking

Few months ago I lost my ATM/debit debit card. I promptly called my bank and was put on hold because “all operators were busy serving customers”. After some waiting and patience I finally got my card blocked. The operator asked me to make a new call to order my new card due to bank “policy”.

After going through the call center hell again (including authenticating myself with personal information and getting transferred a couple of times), the operator told me that she could not forward my request and I had to visit the bank branch where I had opened my account. When I insisted she told me that my account was marked “high risk” and she could not take any request on phone.

I could not go to my bank partly due to work and partly due to laziness. Now a funny thing happened. I started living without my debit card but just a bit more financially organized. I just had to think a bit more in advance about my expected expenses and used my good old cheque book to draw money from a branch near my home.

Last week I went to my branch and got my debit cards permanently deleted from my account.

Perceived convenience and actual convenience are two different things. What do you think?


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