My 2010 resolution

Like everybody else I would like to begin 2010 with a resolution. Here it goes:

Be a really good father and husband. Always be optimistic. Make friends. Take care of people and environment. Contribute to society. Excel in whatever I do. Look for opportunities. Keep learning.

The funny thing is that you (or perhaps everybody) can say the same words for your own 2010 resolution. Just like corporate mission statements or quotable quotes, this resolution achieves only one thing; makes you feel good for few moments. Why? Because it is too general and too vague. There is no action plan or target which will force you to take concrete steps or make you feel ashamed at the end of the year. (Who knows you were pessimistic the whole year or ignored the opportunities etc.)

Here goes the revised one:

  1. The number one thing I would do this year is more and better writing on my blog. I just don’t want to fill my blog. I want to write something which I enjoy and you enjoy. (Reading and experimenting is a pre-requisite for writing. I shall be doing more of both these things as well)
  2. Teaching Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking skills. Possibly start an online training website based upon de Bono’s work.
  3. Do more product based business and be less dependent on customized services to my clients. (I run a small IT consulting business in the field of accounting/erp/crm to put food on the table)
  4. Start at least one new Internet-based business which requires only few hours work each week. Start making some money from this new business before the end of the year.
  5. Talking of money, I am making good enough money right now. Though I would love to make millions, I would still be happy if I can maintain the current earnings level throughout the year with same or less amount of effort and achieve the other goals.

I know expressing my plans might make me less likely to achieve but I wanted to clear up my mind and put some social pressure on me as well. I shall come back with a report next year.


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