Power crisis, environment and bikes

This news item about Copenhagen’s bike friendly streets prompted me to write this. Copenhagen is the city where a recent climate conference concluded.

Power load shading and now natural gas load shading (here in Pakistan) in winter has severely crippled our home and business life. Using a bicycle to commute is one possible way to save energy, keep our environment a bit cleaner and keep ourselves healthy. I know it is going to take a lot of courage to adopt this poor man’s mode of transport in our status conscious society but why not?

If you live at a place where roads are not too busy (we don’t have bike lanes) and your work place is not far away, you can use it for your daily communte or just for the supermarket trips.

But on larger scale we need our government support to take initiative and make our roads bike friendly. This surely is going to cost much less than any new power or gas pipeline projects.


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