“You are working in an organization for the last 5 years. You sometime
think about switching your job or starting your own business but dismiss
it immediately considering all the risks associated with it. One day,
your boss gets infuriated on some petty issue and threatens to fire you
from job. This episode is repeated next day too. Suddenly your brain
starts working and you no longer consider the idea of switching your job
or starting your own business (or changing your job) too risky.”

“Some old friend of yours visits you and tells you how easily he was
able to setup an internet based business which allowed him to get rid of
his lousy 9-to-5 job (which is actually at least 8-to-6). He
enthusiastically discusses his newly got freedom, shows off his new car
and invites you to his new apartment. Suddenly you start thinking that
perhaps starting your own venture is worth the effort and risk.”

“Your cough is not getting better even after a 3 months treatment by a
specialist doctor. You start thinking about alternate medicine and
treatment (acupuncture, herbal, homeopathy, yoga etc.)”

“Your star employee who is handling a key business function in your
organization stops performing and starts behaving strangely.This
triggers a thought in your mind to outsource that business function.”

These are all examples of provocations which immediately make you think
in new possible ways your never thought. These are all chance or
(sometimes) unpleasant provocations.

With lateral thinking it is possible to sit down and setup provocations
for yourself with the sole purpose of leading you to new and better
ideas of doing anything. We shall explore this method in future posts.


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