Procrastination and Comfort Zone

Procrastination (delaying things without any reason) and your comfort zone have direct relationship. It is easier to take any action which falls within your comfort zone.

For example:

  • It seems easier to chat forever on IM but extremely difficult to write few lines on your new blog so you always postpone your blog post until you just forget about it.
  • It seems easier to browse zillion websites aimlessly but difficult to read few blogs daily to enhance your knowledge.
  • It seems easier (and tempting) to order a new and faster laptop for 800 because you love computers (though all you do is email and word processing) but you will think over and over before ordering HIP for 300 (in UK) to sell your house (which matters most to you right now).

You tend to procrastinate more when you have a narrow comfort zone. You will always complain that you are too busy but you are in fact playing within your comfort zone.

The trick to expand your comfort zone. To do so do at least one thing daily you are uncomfortable with.

Remember the most important decisions are always uncomfortable and are worth doing right now.


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