Simplicity and Design

It seems economy came down crumbling like a falling house of cards. Latest computers, powerful databases and top of the line analytical tools could not help predict and prevent this fall.

As part of my consulting business I am required to provide more and more tools and reports for analysis of business data. It is time we realize that our obsession with analysis is not going to help us much. As de Bono says “You can analyse the past but you have to design the future”. We waste a lot of energy and resources on analysis. Let us divert some of it towards simplicity and design.

Seth Godin writes:

I’ve always been frightened by big-firm accounting. The sort of financial legerdemain in which skilled accountants work hard to make the numbers look the way the CEO wants, instead of making them clear. Cash accounting run on a simple bookkeeping system is the small way to do it… even if your company is huge. That’s because sooner or later, management has to know what’s actually happening as opposed to what they can pretend is happening.


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