Personal Emergencies

  • Last date for tax return is tomorrow and we still need to collect all the information.
  • We are planning to cancel subscription of a magazine,website or any other service we don’t need anymore but we forget.
  • We need to read that book which will help advance our career or business but can’t find time.
  • Kids need some stationery before going to school today.
  • Bills were due yesterday.
  • ….

Emergencies are part of daily life.

Our short term attention span and memory is limited. We always fear, and rightly so, that we will forget something important so we either try to do it right now or postpone it a bit (and then forget it.) This is one of the causes of emergencies in our life.

Emergencies can be reduced. The trick is to stop doing things off your head. Instead maintain a list of things to do using some tool like and do things from there.

Caution: Do not put every small bit of work on your things to do. You will make your list unwieldy and soon get fed up. Sometimes it is better to forget things which don’t matter much in short term and long term.


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