Designing Your Website

Are you searching for the best graphics designer for your website?

Is your logo design process going through the 99th iteration?

Are the graphics on your website still not as good as you would like to be?

You just went through tons of CSS templates but nothing good was found?

Have you thought about the text or products description you will put on the website? No. That is a secondary thing and will be taken care of during the development. Right? Wrong.

Jakob Nielsen is an authority on building better websites. He has been advocating simple and usable websites with emphasis on content which is updated regularly.

In a recent interview to BBC he said how users becoming more focused during surfing and how they dislike all the widgets and promotions on websites. Users are not interested even in your home page. They search your website with google and go straight to the portion of their interest.

“Most ignore efforts to make them linger and are suspicious of promotions designed to hold their attention.” and “People want sites to get to the point, they have very little patience,”

So you have spend a lot of money and energy building the “best looking website” but have not spent a minute or a dime to get the right content for the website?

Think again.


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