Interrupt Me

Sometimes your focus on work is razer-sharped. Whatever the distractions or interruptions are around you, you keep doing your work and meet the goal of your daily productivity.

Sometimes this is not the case and even the most interesting job becomes boring. You do some effort to concentrate but soon give up. Various news, games and ‘other’ websites come to your rescue when this happens.

But sometimes even this help is not enough. You have just visited your favorite news site for the 7th time in the last one hour but there was nothing new. Even Katrina Kaif has not done any new photo shoot for the last few days.

So what to do? Just install the latest version of ‘Interrupt Me’. You will be busy as hell all the day. Your boss will be happy that you eyes are on the screen and your fingers are on the keyboard all the day. You are always doing what you are paid for.

Interrupt Me (or IM for short) is a revolutionary new software technology which helps you to produce as little work as possible when you are feeling bored.

Yes, you have guessed it. This software is also called MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or something else depending upon your preference.

Whenever you are inclined to procrastination, IM allows you to keep yourselves busy without feeling guilty. At the end of the day you blame the “work load” for un-productiveness.

In production line scenarios, IM is not much of an issue. Work forces you to be as much productive as is required by your job. If you stop working, everyone on production line stops so you cannot procrastinate. In these situations, IM helps you to communicate quickly when needed.

This is, however, not the case if you are a programmer, writer, designer, marketer, student, CEO or in any position which requires your knowledge to produce results. You need to take concrete steps to avoid self-inflicted interruptions which include too much web-browsing or chatting.

Setting aside a pre-defined time for these passive interruptions, like 3:00 pm for all browsing/chatting, is one way to deal with them. Some experts even suggest dedicating a separate computer for this purpose at your workplace. This is necessary if your habit has become chronic.

Another possibility, if you are not feeling like doing your work, is that you do absolutely nothing. Just sit there. You are more likely to do something work related after a short period of rest.

Maintaining a list of things to be done in your career or life will help you select alternate course of action when you are bored with your regular work. Hiveminder is recommended.

If you have big plans in your life but are unable to do progress for the last so many years, it is time to question your work habits. Big plans need energy. Make sure your energy is not being drained by interruptions made possible by technology.


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