Vitamins are Harmful

First there was a revelation that drinking too much water as advocated by many doctors, was not good. (Press TV, Scientific American). Now there are even more startling research results that vitamins taken through pills are not only useless but harmful and can possibly kill you.(Reader’s Digest)

“Drinking too much water is good” was perhaps “discovered” by water bottling companies who wanted you to spend money unnecessarily to buy their products. And Vitamins are good only to the health of pharmaceutical companies producing those vitamins.

We should not be surprised to find these new discoveries. Sometimes corporate interests take precedence over human values. This is clearly evident from the manufacturing and sales of tobacco products. We continue to sell tobacco even after fully aware of its harmful effects. Short term gains take control.

During discussions with a highly learned Homeopathy doctor, the doctor always rejected the notion of using vitamins, food supplements or drinking a lot of water to make your health better. He said that if there was any deficiency in the body, the body would crave to get that deficiency fulfilled through food. Sweats will taste real good when you have glucose deficiency and so on.

If you are taking reasonably balanced diet you should normally not have any deficiency. Any deficiency in the body is due to the malfunctioning of the assimilation function of the body for that particular vitamin or salt etc. This malfunctioning should be corrected (possibly with homeopathic medicines) and any related deficiencies will go away.


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