Naan-Chanay: 60 years old taste

Mehr kay Naan-chanay: 60 years old taste. Ichhra, Lahore.


Sleeping with doubt

Case in point 1: There was a time when I had to do lot of effort to get a new client; all kinds of sales pitches, demos, references in print form, company profile, showing up in a nice business dress and what not. After a certain years of work a new customer now usually means [...]

That uncle …

Everyone has that uncle who had his fair share of achievements in life and is now living a retired life. But his future plans at the age of 70 still make sense to ears. You sit with him for few minutes and he will quickly chalk out a perfect looking grand business plan. Like .. .. [...]

A tribute to all dads

Today is father's day and, while I don't like these 'days' much, I still feel the need to write something about fathers; my father, your father and all fathers out there. My late father was a great dad, as great as your dad is or as anyone else dad is. I cannot imagine there are [...]

Power of focus

Ok, I am as ambitious (is this word a nice substitute for being greedy?) as anyone can be or as every one wants to be. Which means I want to do lots of things; lots of projects; lots of clients; lots of programming; lots of marketing activity, lots of every thing. Unfortunately whenever I try [...]